Location: Florence & Genova, Italy
Camera: Canon EOS 550D

NB: I’ve lost so many photos from my trip I am so pissed ! But here are the ones I could save

Italy was my dream country to visit since I could remember. It is close to home, I know, yet it always felt so dear to my heart that I was waiting to have a lot of time ahead to go, take my time there, and actually live it fully.
And then one day the occasion presented itself so I went anyways, even though it was just a few days trip. And I haven’t been disappointed ! It only made me want to go again.

Italy’s got the most precious and rich patrimonial, it feels like every corner has its story to tell. Also if you know me, I am absolutely in owe with the Renaissance and its art, so let me tell you I spent a hell of a time in the Museum (Galleria degli Uffizi & dell’ Accademia) where I just soak every painting and sculpture up. And by the way, art is not only behind the walls but the walls themselves are art. The whole city of Firenze (Florence) is an incredible experience for your senses. Your eyes, of course, have a lot to fall in love with but so do nose and your ears.

Anyways, none of my words could give it justice so please go for yourself, don’t act like you’ve seen it a million times on Instagram (cause I know you have) but I highly recommend you’d rather get your ass there, get lost and talk to people.
Outside summer holidays is best but nevertheless, Italy is a gem anytime.